Game-Changing Benefits of Medication Adherence Packaging

By Terrence O'Neill | Posted on June 20, 2023

Game-Changing Benefits of Medication Adherence Packaging

The importance of medication adherence continues to challenge our healthcare system. According to the World Health Organization, medication adherence can directly impact patient outcomes more than the specific treatment itself. Adherence rates of 80% or more are required for optimal therapeutic efficacy. However, while the CDC reports that 3.8 billion prescriptions are written annually in the United States, only about 50% of medications for chronic diseases are taken correctly. 

Medication adherence packaging, a ground-breaking solution that radically changes how medications are packaged, shipped, and dispensed is now being employed to address this challenge.

What is Medication Adherence Packaging?

Medication adherence packaging is where prescription drugs are packed and sealed in calendarized adherence tamper-evident blister-sealed packages. One must push individual sealed tablets or capsules through the foil to access the drug. The packs are boxed and shipped in serialized cartons for full visibility through the supply chain and to ensure compliance with Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

Benefits of Medication Adherence Packaging

Improved Patient Outcomes

Calendarized adherence blister packaging has day codes that remind individuals to take their medications, which improves adherence lift. In addition, since day codes are printed on the blister packages, it is easy to track if medication has been taken and when patients should take their next pill. With better medication adherence, patients realize better outcomes.

Supply Chain Efficiencies

Since pills are packaged in flat carton packages, they are easier and less expensive to ship. Conventionally prescriptions have been distributed in bottles which take up much more room than packs in a carton or envelopes. The cartons that the packs are boxed and shipped in are serialized to ensure complete visibility through the supply chain and compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

Improved Sustainability 

Employing sustainable business practices is part of nearly every company’s mission. Organizations are seeking ways to save energy and reduce energy costs. Medication adherence packaging aids organizations in meeting their sustainability initiatives. Compared to dispensing medication in a standard 90 cc bottle, medication adherence blister packaging reduced plastic by 53%. 

Lower Dispensing Costs

The most significant piece of a pharmacy’s operating costs is payroll. And the labor shortage across the country is forcing organizations to increase wages to encourage workers to join their teams and retain existing workers. Solutions that help reduce pharmacists’ tasks and time are desirable.

Medication adherence packaging minimizes the amount of touches a prescription goes through before getting to the customer. Eliminating bottles and putting pills directly into cartons nullifies the need for pharmacists to handle the medicines, saving time and costs. Conventionally, medications are delivered to pharmacies in large bottles that hold 1,000 pills, and pharmacists put thirty pills in a bottle at a time. Dispensing costs are dramatically lowered by putting medicines in packs and cartons rather than bottles. Plus, flat packaging is easier and cheaper to ship, as bottles in boxes occupy significantly more room than packs in envelopes.

Increased Refill Rates

A significant behavior in medication non-adherence is not refilling prescriptions. According to research, 28% of individuals fail to refill their prescriptions. Calendarized adherence blister packaging reminds individuals to take their medications and when patients should take their next pill, which helps boost adherence lift and refill rates. 

Dependable Child-Resistant Packaging

More young children in the U.S. now visit Emergency Rooms for drug poisoning than car crashes. Ensuring children cannot get into medication packaging to reduce the risk of poisoning is critical. Medication adherence packaging is a child-resistant solution. Plus, it is senior-friendly, so that seniors can open without frustration.

Improved Patient Experience

Patients’ experience is also improved with medication adherence packaging. The calendarized adherence blister packs are portable and easily slipped into pockets and purses, improving usage during travel and on-the-go use. Also, blister packs protect drugs from nature’s elements, including moisture, which is essential for moisture-sensitive products.

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